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The Closure Of Another Span

As rough a time is to me, I move on forward.
Compilations. Segments. Intervals. Retrospective. I still find the strengh to keep on formating my output in such a arbitrary standard, but it just winds back at me the fact that this musical repository has gone insane.
Though, I don't feel sorry. Many tracks are disposable, as demos, but some emerge with a different quality, a vibe that turns them into candidates for the listenning crew.
I've done this track depicting me as torrential because I spread my notes through torrent but also because the torrent is a young and wild river that waits for events to escape it's regular path.
May these tracks be outside of the constant flow, wild and free. Waiting for you.

  1. I Care Near Spares (Raw Drowns Deep) (4:09 88)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 ••••
  2. Past Script East (Signs for a closer being) (5:17 115)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 ••••••
  3. True to the Void (Gravitas and Other Ashes) (5:31 95)💾 OGG 💾 MP3
  4. To Kneel (live) (Recycle The Date Live) (6:56 75)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 ••••
  5. One Too Few (live) (Recycle The Date Live) (5:43 90)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 ••••
  6. When Salt Fades (Occupy Notation Partition Cosmos) (4:14 66)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 •••••••••
  7. Wait in the Shadows (Occupy Notation Partition Cosmos) (3:46 87)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 •••••••••
  8. To Quantize The Vortex (And my password is ...) (4:15 128)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 •••
  9. I gave up the yard (And my password is ...) (3:03 77)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 ••••••••
  10. Agonysystem (And my password is ...) (4:21 88)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 •••