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The Closure Of Another Span

As rough a time is to me, I move on forward.
Compilations. Segments. Intervals. Retrospective. I still find the strengh to keep on formating my output in such a arbitrary standard, but it just winds back at me the fact that this musical repository has gone insane.
Though, I don't feel sorry. Many tracks are disposable, as demos, but some emerge with a different quality, a vibe that turns them into candidates for the listenning crew.
I've done this track depicting me as torrential because I spread my notes through torrent but also because the torrent is a young and wild river that waits for events to escape it's regular path.
May these tracks be outside of the constant flow, wild and free. Waiting for you.

  1. Past Script East (Signs for a closer being) (5:17 115)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 ••••••
  2. When Salt Fades (Occupy Notation Partition Cosmos) (4:14 66)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 •••••••••
  3. True to the Void (Gravitas & Other Ashes) (5:31 95)💾 OGG 💾 MP3
  4. Agonysystem (And my password is ...) (4:21 88)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 •••
  5. Wait in the Shadows (Occupy Notation Partition Cosmos) (3:46 87)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 •••••••••
  6. To Kneel (live) (Recycle The Date Live) (6:56 75)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 ••••
  7. I Care Near Spares (Raw Drowns Deep) (4:09 88)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 ••••
  8. To Quantize The Vortex (And my password is ...) (4:15 128)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 •••
  9. I gave up the yard (And my password is ...) (3:03 77)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 ••••••••
  10. One Too Few (live) (Recycle The Date Live) (5:43 90)💾 OGG 💾 MP3 ••••