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I am not a DJ

Over the last 13 years, I've been recording over a thousand tracks in my room. This is grotesque but I needed to expell what had been stuck inside of me for years listening passively to the likes of the MoWax label, Howie B. or Aphex Twin (to name a few). The sampler is my main tool but I try to distort it's use to a legit extremity that drives me insane.

I am not an artist

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Personal Harm video thumbnailSo... Soak video thumbnailSliding Doors (Closure) video thumbnailEyes (sinct) video thumbnail
I do it for free, as a lifestyle, because it helps me feel better and I deeply believe in Creative Commons. I create away from acoustics, even though I've done a few live performances. I don't work my music with computers, even though I take care of my videos on my youtube channel.

I am not Stéphane RøUX

This may be a vain attempt to lure you into listening to my stuff but that's what it is. 115 albums later, I still enjoy the physical process of operating machines and the mental exercise it takes to have something to record appearing before my ears. My EQ may be low as I suffer from schizophrenia.
I generate playLists, a blog. I am on Facebook and Twitter. You can see my releases on Jamendo, CCTrax, YouTube, iTunes and BandCamp. You can check my interview on Cerebral Rift. I have a band with my borther, Organics Brothers. You can send me email at . Google