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    Recycle The Date Live

    Released on 2012-09-29 and 11.063 torrents.

    In tune, on time, the first DJ Habett live recording is released. Taken from the live performance around WaxEyes videos titled "Recycle The Date".

    Scheduled on September 28th 2012, the cosmological ceremony was seized on tape and is delivered here in bit crushed form but might as well be relived on DVD on demand (or a global CC video provider aka Vimeo) as it was conceived as a multi-sense experience.

    Shouts out to da4thRoux for exclusive guitar interventions and F. Iscia for seeding the project and feeding moving images in the concept.

    1. One Too Few (live) * (MP3 | OGG) 90 BPM // ••••
    2. Bar Million Cars (live) (MP3 | OGG) 88 BPM //
    3. You May Dive (live with da4thRoux) (MP3 | OGG) 111 BPM //
    4. If I Can Find F. (live) (MP3 | OGG) 90 BPM // •
    5. The Eyes Afar (live) (MP3 | OGG) 103 BPM //
    6. Barely Legal (live with da4thRoux) (MP3 | OGG) 90 BPM // •
    7. The Unique (live) (MP3 | OGG) 93 BPM // •
    8. Inbetween Numbers (live with da4thRoux) (MP3 | OGG) 63 BPM //
    9. To Kneel (live) * (MP3 | OGG) 75 BPM // ••••
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    One recent video from my youtube channel.

    The 11th Bit

    This is my latest compilation. I try to do one every year. It is designed as a way to escape my massive output flow, and to summarize my efforts.