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    My name is DJ Habett

    I'm not a DJ but I'm CC (by-sa)

    You can take all my Music, but you can't Steal it.
    1126 tracks and 96 albums, 09 - AZ

    Over the last 8 years, I've been recording over a thousand tracks in my room. This is grotesque but I needed to expell what had been stuck inside of me for years listening passively to the likes of DJ Krush, Brian Eno and The Orb, to name a few.

    From no album, From times to times, From within

    I do it for free, as a lifestyle, because it helps me feel better, and as a political statement, because I have the right to pretend to be an artist and I deeply believe in Creative Commons.

    I create away from acoustics, even though I've done a few live performances, and computers, even though I take care of my videos on my youtube channel.

    {Read my interview on Cerebral Rift to dig deeper}

    One day, I met an MPC and since then I'm trying hard to record the music in my mind, out of the blue, without a technical musical background. Often do I fail, sometimes it works but always do I realise after recording that there are missing notes. These notes in my brain that I failed to transcript on tape are the essence of my work as a recorder of sounds.

    This may be a vain attempt to lure you into listening to my stuff but that's what it is. 96 albums later, I still enjoy the physical process of operating machines and the mental exercise it takes to have something to record appearing before my ears.

    I like to think that my music can be tagged , and .


    One recent video from my youtube channel.

    The 11th Bit

    This is my latest compilation. I try to do one every year. It is designed as a way to escape my massive output flow, and to summarize my efforts.