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    My name is DJ Habett

    I am not a DJ

    Over the last 5 years, I've been recording almost a thousand tracks in my room. This is grotesque but I needed to expell what had been stuck inside of me for years listening passively to the likes of DJ Krush, The Orb and Brian Eno, to name a few.

    I do it for free, as a lifestyle, because it helps me feel better, and as a political statement, because I have the right to pretend to be an artist and I deeply believe in Creative Commons. I create away from acoustics, even though I've done a few live performances, and computers, even though I take care of my videos on my youtube channel.

    My ambient music can be tagged , and .

    I remember my first tracks, from days of yore, on a computer's soundtracker. I've lost the files of these tracks in a hardrive accident. Fortunate crash, it took me even more years to fall in love again with the mystic process called music.

    Later in my life, I met an MPC and since then I'm trying hard to record the music in my mind, out of the blank, without a technical musical background. Often do I fail, sometimes it works but always do I realise after recording that there are missing notes. These notes in my brain that I failed to transcript on tape are the essence of my work as a recorder of sounds. My commitment to ambient music is such that I hope that the listener will be able to complete the sonar jigsaw, will discover the missing notes and make his own, like when you read a book before going to sleep so that it induces and fuels the dreaming process.

    This may be a vain attempt to lure you into listening to my stuff but that's what it is. 80 albums later, I still enjoy the physical process of operating machines and the mental exercise it takes to have something to record appearing before my ears.

    One recent video from my youtube channel.

    Behold again, my Vox Pueblo '13

    This is my latest compilation. I try to do one every year. It is designed as a way to escape my massive output flow, and to summarize my efforts.